NAVALIS Saint John’s Celebrations

The biggest Baroque celebrations on the water at Charles Bridge in Prague following a three-hundred year tradition

May 15th

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Prague residents and people from around the world can only see the oldest stone bridge in Prague against such an imposing backdrop once a year

Baroque concert below Charles Bridge with a light spectacular

The NAVALIS Saint John’s Celebrations are in commemoration of the best-known Czech saint and Prague native, Saint John of Nepomuk, patron of all people of the water. A mass is held with a procession and a Baroque water concert on the Vltava River beside Charles Bridge on the evening before the holy day of Saint John of Nepomuk (so-called vigilia).

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Visit the celebrations with a tradition spanning several centuries from 1715.

“Saint John of Nepomuk is the patron of bridges, communication, good reputation and people of the water“

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Experience the genius loci of Baroque Prague!

Become a part of the Saint John’s celebrations in historic Prague and enjoy an unforgettable spiritual and cultural experience.

Pilgrims from around the world traditionally come to Prague to honour Saint John of Nepomuk.

Venetian gondoliers come to Prague every year for this celebration. Saint John of Nepomuk is the patron of all gondoliers and one of the eight patrons of Venice. The statue of Saint John of Nepomuk is the only Baroque statue situated right on the bank of the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy.

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